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  • Single Door SS304 Control Cabinets

    Single Door SS304 Power Control Cabinet

    Customized Wireless Fiber Optics Satellite Communication Cable Television metal distribution control box Single Door Power Cabinets,SS304 Power Control Cabinets,Single Door Control Cabinets

  • Outdoor Electric Control Panel Cabinets

    Outdoor SS304 Electric Control Cabinets

    Double Doors Electric Control Cabinets,Outdoor SS304 Control Panel Cabinets,SS304 Electric Control Cabinets Custom

  • Stainless Steel 304 Meter Housing With Silk Printing

    SS304 Meter Housing With Silk Printing

      Material: stainless steel 304,316,201 Electric Meter Enclosures SS304 Meter Housing Custom,Meter Housing With Silk Printing,SS304 Meter Housing Processed

  • Environmental SS 304 Recyclable Dustbins

    Environmental Protection SS 304 Recyclable Dustbins

    Product Name: stainless steel dustbin Specifications: (long) 850 * (W) 360* (high) 930mm Material: stainless steel Packing: 1 / piece Application: municipal, parks, residential, hotel, Plaza Recyclable SS304 Recyclable Dustbins ,Environmental Protection Recyclable Dustbins,SS 304 Environmental protection Recyclable Dustbins

  • Automation Optical Wing Turnstile Gates

    Full Automation Optical Wing Turnstile Gates

    Material: the entire product shape plate adopts 304 stainless steel plate stamping molding, rust proof, sturdy and durable, the device uses simple, maintenance free (304 1.5MM thick stainless steel:). The standard dimensions: length 1200 x W 280 x 980mm high, The length of the telescopic arm: 285mm, The maximum channel width: 700mm, Weight: 70KG. (can be customized) Color: stainless steel wire drawing or spray, color optional.   Full automation optical wing turnstile gates

  •  SS304 SS 316 Tripod Turnstile Barriers

    SS304 SS 316 Tripod Turnstile Barriers Made

    The whole product is molded by stamping 304 stainless steel plate, beautiful appearance, anti rust, durable, able to resist external damage. Rectangular enclosure with channel brake rod channel can provide traffic orderly civilization access for personnel, prevent illegal access, and in case of emergency rapid control the falling rod or rod.  SS304 SS 316 Tripod Turnstile Barriers After the structure: frame structure / stainless steel shell After the production process: a full computer numerical control laser cutting machine production After the shape size: length 1200 x W 280 x 1000 (mm) high All stainless steel thickness: 1.5mm When weight: 70Kg After the gate length: chassis beyond 510 (mm) When the brake rod the maximum capacity: 80Kg After the working drive power: 3Kg When the brake lever transmission: digital mode   Bridge octagonal three roller gate, bridge angle of three roller gate