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Bolted Assembly Type Cantilever Control Panel Boxes

Product Details

Sheet Metal Control Panel Boxes Made,Bolted Control Panel Boxes ,Bolted Assembly Type Cantilever Control Panel Boxes


        Type: Control Cabinet

        External Size:800mm*1400mm*400mm(or Customized)

        Color: RAL7032 RAL7035

       OEM Ability: Provide OEM

        Certificates: CE CCC

      For: IP65 electric water proof cabinet



Product Description

 IP65 electric  water proof  cabinet

1. Material: Cold Rolled Steel Sheet or Stainless Steel SUS304

2. Surface Treatment: Etch Primer for Box Body and Door Plate, Powder Coating for Outside, Texture Optional as RAL7032 or RAL7035,Mounting Plate is galvanized.

3. Class of Protection: IP56(According to GB4205-1993)   PU Foaming Sealing


Main advantage of electric enclosure :

1.       The door plate and box body are installed with special screws and retainers in accordance with common standards, which can ensure the protection class and the operation and maintenance in the narrow space in the box.

2.       Multiple protection grooves are designed at the box opening can not only reinforce the structure but also prevent the entry of dirt or water when the door is opening.

3.       PU foaming sealing strip ensures a protection class of IP56 to box body.

4.       The grounding line can be connected to the box body and door plate.

5.       Racks with screw holes are provided on both sides of the box to ensure the max mounting height and ensure the installation of supporting rail or mounting plate.

6.       The special plastic insulating sleeve can provide sealing and prevent door plate screw loosening, and guide screws when they are tightened.







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