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Combined Control Cabinets With Flexible Installation

Product Details


Combined control cabinet product description:

The electrical cabinet is suitable for high-rise buildings no tower water supply, fire protection of deep well pump constant pressure water supply control according to the real-time water conditions need to loop adjust pump speed occasions, provide control equipment for frequency converter, intelligent controller.

Technical requirements:

Frame spacing clouds 25mm modulus holes ensure that the installation flexibility, versatility. The optional 3.0mm galvanized version installed, can use plastic slide through the guide rail from the front into the cabinet, and the U type folding the mounting plate more stable and more convenient transportation.

Protection grade:


Standard configuration:

The front door, back board, cabinet, the cabinet body, a mounting plate,

The sealing strip, door lock

The thickness of the steel plate:

The 10 percent off section: the framework of 2.0mm

Door: 2.0mm

Back plate, side plates: 1.5mm

The mounting plate: 2.5mm



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