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Custom Electric Control Cabinet With Venting Holes

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Sheet metal control cabinet with venting holes

Our sheet metal processing including CNC cutter, CNC punching, CNC bending, welding, surface treatment of spraying department, product assembly and packaging.

Main products: electric control cabinet, power supply cabinet, electric control box; the power supply box, outdoor substation, electrical control cabinet, box type substation, sheet metal chassis, shell, fire box, security, instrument shell class, class, class monitor communication, class IT, radio and TV and other chassis, cabinet, console, TV wall, distribution box, power distribution cabinets, network cabinets, 16 system unit body panel, 24 system unit body, 36 unit body panel panel system, multimedia platform, optical shell, U box, switch cabinet, instrument shell, converter shell, terminal box, monitoring and detecting equipment shell, medical equipment shell, stainless steel body, aluminum shell, optical cable protection device, stainless steel cable clip, metal stamping parts, precision metal parts


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