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Double Doors Power Panel Cabinets Manufactured

Product Details

Introduce the process features

(1) the box door 25mm from the ground.

(2) a U shaped bend 20mm wide and 3.0mm thick mounting plate on both sides of the edge, which makes the installation plate strength is greater, but also easy to handle.

(3) the bottom three pieces of cable entrance cover plate can replace each other, easy to move, easy to lead in cables, easy to open Kong Jin line

(4) the box door with a grounding screw

(5) bearing hinge doors are easy for easy installation. The box door can be opened 130 degrees.

(6) a plastic slide guide device can slide guide device into the box from the front guide rail by using plastic

(7) the rectangular frame is solid not only can enhance the strength of the front door, can also be used for fixed installation of electrical components (with door installation bar use)

(8) backplane can be easily installed, fixed by screws; can be equipped with a box door

(9) fork lock (common lock, rainproof lock), three point locking the cabinet door

(10) the sealing ring of polyurethane foam sealant, ensure the protection grade

(11) the side of the box matched with a sealing ring to prevent water and dust falling into the cabinet

(12) (single) interchanged open design, easy to use





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