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Double Layers Door Electricity Meter Cabinets

Product Details



* Material: stainless steel 304,316,201

* Thickness: 1.5mm,2.0mm

* Dimension:800mm x 1200mm x 400mm

* Door: double-layer door

* Spare parts: back mounting plate, lock, hinge, nut, bolt, door handle

* Surface treatment: Polishing, brushing

* Installation: Outdoor floor, bolted assembly

* Function: Power calculation electricity meter cabinet

* Certificate: CE

* Working environment: air port, building, hotel, shopping centre, housing estate, school

Box are all used stainless steel welded plate bending, non indoor and outdoor type. To do perspective windows and doors, door with sealing rubber strip. To prevent the infiltration of rainwater, the box body is equipped with outlet holes and mounting plate, the outlet hole is factory is additionally provided with a sealing plate


Model Number

Enclosure Dimensions

Mounting plate dimensions


600 ×800 ×300

550 × 750


800 ×800 ×300

750 × 750


800 ×1000 ×300

750 ×950


800 ×1200 ×300

750 × 1150


800 ×1200 ×400

750 × 1150


1200 ×1200 ×400

1150 × 1150


800 ×1400 ×400

750 × 1150


OEM single phase distribution box electrical 
stainless outdoor control panel cabinet
distribution box
anti rust

Custom made OEM single phase distribution box electrical  stainless steel outdoor Control panel cabinet 



 OEM/ODM Control panel cabinet/Distribution encosure/Junction box/Metal enclosure Manufacturer Taicheng Metal Co.,Ltd


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1.5mm galvanize Zinc plating steel with an N4 finish

Optional material: metal mild iron aluminum steel alloy HRS SPHC SPHD SPHE CRS SPCC SECC SPCD SPCE

stainless steel, sus201sus 301 SUS304 SUS316 SUS410


Robust Fully welded construction

Formed in place Polyurethane Gasket

IP65 Termination Enclosures - Stainless Steel

Water-proof locks and stainless steel hinges

Back plate: galvanized steel

Optional surface treatment: galvanize Zinc plating

polyester Powder coating epoxy baking paint


Wireless Backhaul, Fiber Optics, Satellite Communication, Cable Television, Navigation & Positioning, Military Installations, Port Security

The Connector Termination Enclosure range is ideal for applications where a smaller enclosure is required for installing terminations, push buttons or switchgear, and a greater level of protection is required for components in harsh or aggressive environments.


IP65 Protection Rating

Provision for mounting DIN rail (1 or 2) or mounting pan

Captive 316 Stainless Steel universal head screws indented in lid. These make access to the enclosure contents easy and prevent the loss of fixings

Complete with earth strap and fixings for internal accessories

Accessories include mounting pans, DIN rails and external mounting brackets

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