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Electric Sheet Metal Power Control Cabinets Custom

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Sheet Metal Power Control Panel Cabinets,Power Control Cabinets Custom,Electric Power Control Cabinets



1, all the box door and the box wall curved side maximum width of 21mm.

2, concealed hinge, not prominent in the door frame and the box body. Easy installation, the box door is also easy to change. The box door can be opened 130..

3, the box door was high off the ground about 25mm.

4, the mounting plate can slide guide device into the box from the front guide rail by using plastic.

The mounting plate, 5 2.5mm thick, C shaped bend 23mm Wide on both sides of a boundary, which makes the installation board more firmly, also easy to handle.

6, powder coating the surface was RAL7032 textured.

7, the bottom three liner plate, can replace each other, easy to move, easy to lead in cables, easy processing.

A rectangular frame 8, solid can be fixed on the box door frame by screws, every 25mm has a screw hole, used for fixing the cable channel, cable beam and plate.

9, the box body and the door has a wire connecting screw, can also remove.

10, the level of protection IP55.


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