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Galvanized Mounting Plate Stainless Steel Control Cabinets

Product Details


Introduce the process features

1, the box door 25mm from the ground.

2, 2.5mm thick galvanized mounting plate, U shaped bend 20mm wide on both sides of a mounting plate edge, makes a greater intensity, but also easy to handle

3, the bottom three pieces of cable introduction cover, can replace each other, easy to move, easy to lead in cables, easy to open Kong Jin line

4, multi point grounding stud, safe and reliable

DS standard

1, the installation of a sheet (2.5mm galvanized plate)

The installation of a two door 2,

3, document bags a

4, the installation of two longitudinal beams

5, the inner light, switch a

6, the former single door back



Material: SUS304 stainless steel (or the user requirements of other grades) box 1.2-1.5mm, door 1.5-2.0mm, 2.5mm mounting plate, galvanized plate surface treatment of wire drawing processing (or spray) protection class IP54




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