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Glass Window Type Power Switch Cabinet

Product Details



* Material: stainless steel 304,316,201

* Thickness: 1.5mm,2.0mm

* Dimension:1200mm x 1200mm x 400mm

* Door: double- door

* Spare parts: back mounting plate, lock, hinge, nut, bolt, hand rings

* Surface treatment: Polishing, brushing

* Installation: indoor floor, bolted assembly

* Function: Power control switch cabinet

* Certificate:IP65, CE

* Working environment: air port, building, hotel, shopping centre, housing estate, school,

Factory, port

Item Name:

outdoor stainless steel cabinet


SUS304(Other material can be optional)


Frame:9-fold Sections 1.5mm Door Plate:2.0mm   Back Plate and Side Plate:1.5mm Mounting Plate:2.5mm(3.0mm optional)

Standard Configuration:

Front Door, Back Plate, Mounting Plate, Cabinet Body, Door Lock, Sealing Strip, Side Plate(optional)

Surface Treatment:

Wire Drawing, Mounting Plate is Galvanized

Class of Protection:

IP54(According to GB4205-1993)                                                   


100 PCS

Supply Ability:

10000 PCS/Month

Delivery Time:

10-15 days


Special Demands Can Be Customized


Main advantage of  BPS outdoor stainless steel cabinet :

Combined electric cabinet, suitable for combination.

2.       The top plate can be removable and the side plate is demountable, make working easier and simpler.

3.       High door plate (approx 25mm from the ground), to ensure smooth door opening.

4.       Unique main body frame integrally welded with 5-fold section ensures high strength and IP56 of cabinet body.

5.       Special door plate square tube reinforcing system can be fixed on door plate by screws for easy disassembly.

6.       Modular holes with spacing of 25mm on the frame ensure flexibility and universality of installation.

7.       Optional 3.0mm galvanized mounting plate can be pushed into the cabinet by plastic slide through rail, U flanges on both sides ensure firmer plate and easy transporting.




Model Number

Enclosure Dimensions

Mounting plate dimensions


600 ×800 ×300

550 × 750


800 ×800 ×300

750 × 750


800 ×1000 ×300

750 ×950


800 ×1200 ×300

750 × 1150


800 ×1200 ×400

750 × 1150


1200 ×1200 ×400

1150 × 1150


800 ×1400 ×400

750 × 1150


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