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IP55 IP65 Flameproof Structure Cabinets Vertical Installation

Product Details


1 this product adopt flameproof structure, electrical sub main cavity and a wiring cavity, the main chamber of an all electric components of user requirements, the wiring cavity is provided with a wire connecting terminal and the explosion-proof socket device.

2 shell adopts the high quality stainless steel plate of SS304 NC bending, using gas protection welding machine automatic welding, weld appearance, small deformation, the overall appearance is beautiful and bright. Flameproof surface with large CNC engraving and milling machine milling with "O" shaped sealing groove, embedded with oil resistant aging import sealing ring, waterproof and dustproof ability of the cabinet body has a higher overall, protection grade can reach more than IP65.

3 the rollout of new product design and optimization of operating mechanism, compact and reasonable structure, strong versatility, flexible operation, good hand feeling.

4 all fastening pieces are made of SS304 stainless steel fasteners strong corrosion resistant.

5 steel pipe and cable wiring.

6 can be customized according to user requirements.


  Natural Gas Electrical Fired Boiler Systems


The main parameters

Corrosion protection grade: WF2

Rated voltage (V): 220/380

Rated current (A): 10-2000A

Explosion proof mark: ExdIIBT4 ExdIICT4 DIPA20 TA

Number of branches: T4 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Protection grade: IP55*IP65




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