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IP55 Rittal Type Electric Cabinets Processed

Product Details

The custom processing: rated current: 10 (A)

The short-circuit current: 1000 (KA) shell protection grade: IP56

Size: 500-2500 (mm) product certification: CE

Material: cold rolled steel sheet

The cabinet door: 2.0mm

The back plate: 1.5mm

Mounting plate: 2.5mm

Surface treatment: the RAL7032/35 waterproof wax and powder primer.

Cabinet frame backplane and roof: after RAL7032/35 waterproof wax and textured powder.

Mounting plate: galvanized

Protection grade: IP55

Material: cold rolled steel sheet production

Standard configuration: a single door, cabinet, door sealing strip

Cabinet plate thickness:The ten percent off section: the framework of 1.5mm

Door: 2.0m .Back plate, side plates: 1.5mm

The mounting plate: 2.5mm (optional 3.0mm)





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