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Outdoor Stainless Steel Distribution Boxes With Venting Holes

Product Details


Distribution box use environment

1.2.1 installation location: Outdoor

1.2.2 altitude: below 1000M

1.2.3 environment temperature: -35 degrees +40 C

1.2.4 outdoor wind speed: < 35m/s

The maximum relative humidity: less than 95% 1.2.5 (25 DEG C) (on average), less than 90% (25 DEG C) (monthly average)

1.2.6 installation location: installed in the absence of fire, explosion, pollution, outdoor place chemical corrosion and severe vibration

1.2.7 0.3g: ground level acceleration seismic capacity

Vertical ground acceleration 0.15g

At the same time duration of action of three sine waves, the safety coefficient is greater than or equal to 1.67



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