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PU Foam Sealing Stainless Steel Enclosures IP55

Product Details


PU foam sealing strip body to ensure protection class IP55

galvanized mounting plate can also do the wiring used in the box body

 the box mouth multilayer protection groove not only strengthening effect and can prevent the door open

When the dirt and water into the box

Show - dedicated with double tooth lock core SUS304 material of stainless steel lock system

Grade, ensure universal

surface wire drawing processing (the inside of the box can be used as high-grade sand blasting)



SUS304 (other material types optional)

Surface treatment:

Drawing, mounting plate for galvanizing

Protection grade:



EasTone standard configuration:

Door, box, sealing strip, ground cover

Member, mounting plate, door lock

The thickness of the steel plate:

Box: 1.5mm

Door: 2.0mm

The mounting plate: 2.5mm




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