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RAL7032 and 7035 Electronic Control Cabinets Customized

Product Details

Material: cold rolled steel sheet

Surface treatment: cabinet and door phosphating primer treatment, external for powder coating, color can be divided into RAL7032 and RAL7035 two kinds of weave, mounting plate for galvanizing

Protection grade: IP56

Standard configuration: door, box, sealing strip, the ground set

Member, mounting plate, door lock

The thickness of the steel plate:

Box: 1.5mm (optional 2.0mm) door: 2.0mm mounting plate: 2.5mm

Process characteristics and performance:

- PU foam sealing strip body to ensure protection class IP56

The boss - all types and size to ensure convenient import and line

- galvanized mounting plate can also do the wiring used in the box body

- the box mouth multilayer protection groove not only strengthening effect and can prevent the door open when the dirt and water into the box



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