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Rittal Type Processing Cantilever Custom Control Panel Cabinets

Product Details

 Cantilever Control Panel Electric Cabinets Processing Custom,Sheet Metal Rittal Cabinets Processing Custom

1, the box door 25mm from the ground.

2, 2.5mm thick galvanized mounting plate, U shaped bend 20mm wide on both sides of a mounting plate edge, makes a greater intensity, but also easy to handle

3, the bottom three pieces of cable introduction cover, can replace each other, easy to move, easy to lead in cables, easy to open Kong Jin line

4, multi point grounding stud, safe and reliable

5, backboard is fixed and simple, convenient disassembly fast, can be equipped with a box door (before and after the open)

6, switch lock, three lock, ensure the protection grade, can also according to user requirements of various other brand lock configuration

7, a sealing ring, polyurethane foam sealant, to further ensure the protection grade

8, the box body and the box door waterproof folding seal ring is closely fitted, effectively prevent water and dust falling into the cabinet

9, (single) around the interchangeable design, convenient use and field adjustment

10, the standard modular installation design, installation and flexible and convenient

11, the installation beam, does not use the mounting plate mounting beam configuration, a certain number of combinations can be installed flexible (self option)

12, a draught fan and a filter screen, ensure the cabinet ventilation, protection grade IP54 (self option)




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