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Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Junction Box With Lever

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2.2 structure overview

A. junction box design and manufacture according to the requirements of GB3836.1~3-2000 standard, and the state designated inspection agencies inspection, issue the certificate;

B. junction box can be used ZL102 cast aluminum alloy casting, or the use of high-strength corrosion of stainless steel by welding, welding or economic type steel plate, inlet and outlet direction, number, terminal number and nominal diameter can be arbitrarily according to the changes of user requirements, steel pipe wiring and cable wiring, cable wiring must be equipped with a clamping sealing cable joint.

3, stainless steel explosion-proof junction box installation and repair

3.1 before installation should check whether the technical data on the nameplate is consistent with the actual use;

3.2 check all fasteners have loose phenomenon, such as loose should be tightened;

The 3.3 wiring box inside and outside the ground must be good and reliable;

3.4 when they are installed, the sealing ring, metal gasket, with a compression nut pressing cable passes through the cable, ensure the sealing and not loose, the connection is not the use of export application of sealing ring and the metal gasket to be plugging;

3.5 repair checking must first disconnect the power before opening the cover;




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