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How to reduce the occurrence of burrs in the laser cutting production

How to reduce the occurrence of burrs in the laser cutting production

How to reduce the occurrence of burrs in the laser cutting production First check if there is a problem with the laser output. Is the spotted spot very round (the circle indicates that the lateral distribution of the laser energy is uniform and the cutting quality is good) Check if the lens in the laser transmission process is dirty, or if the lens is dirty, and the lens has small cracks that are not easily visible to the naked eye, which will affect the transmission of the laser. This is followed by an adjustment of the process parameters. If the burrs generated after laser cutting of stainless steel have a certain hardness, it is very difficult to take time and affect the appearance. It is best to solve it from the root cause. First of all, the purity of the auxiliary gas is high, and it is very important to change the purity of a gas supplier with a better quality. Then the anti-cutting parameters are adjusted to the best, the focal length, cutting speed, power, running time, etc. Sub-adjustment (please let the professional engineer debug), the parameters provided by the machine can not cut the delicate workpiece, so only after many attempts can the burr be minimized

Access control pedestrian security gates

SS304 Pedestrian security gates are used to close a passageway. These security gates are designed for access control at places with strict requirements for security.
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Access control pedestrian security gates

Full Height pedestrian gate for indoor and outdoor applications. It is specially constructed to provide secured passage for people using wheelchairs (with additional help of an assistant) and transportation of big or cumbersome items.

This is single-way swing gate firm construction for maximum security practice
rust-protected aluminum frame with top quality SS316 material.
Design of gates matches to the design of full height turnstiles and railings. It allows construction of various forms of entrance configuration and their complete design.

 Security gates feature a hydraulic closing device that prevents slamming. Little weight of the swing door makes the passage more comfortable for pedestrians.

Gates can be opened remotely, by a signal from security system, as well as with a mechanical key.

Name: SS304 pedestrian security gates
Material: SS316
Thickness: Custom
Dimension: Custom
Finished: Powder coated

We mainly design and customize all kinds of washroom dispenser,like toilet paper dispenser,Pedestrian security gate,towel dispenser,tissue dispenser,soap dispenser,etc.,provide factory quotes!Custom precision sheet metal products!

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