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  • Single Door SS304 Control Cabinets

    Single Door SS304 Power Control Cabinet

    Customized Wireless Fiber Optics Satellite Communication Cable Television metal distribution control box Single Door Power Cabinets,SS304 Power Control Cabinets,Single Door Control Cabinets

  • Outdoor Electric Control Panel Cabinets

    Outdoor SS304 Electric Control Cabinets

    Double Doors Electric Control Cabinets,Outdoor SS304 Control Panel Cabinets,SS304 Electric Control Cabinets Custom

  • IP65 Stainless Steel Control Enclosures

    IP65 Stainless Steel 304 Enclosures Made

    OEM ODM IP65 Stainless Steel 304 Enclosures . Customized Telecom electrical systems enclosures  

  • Stainless Steel 304 Meter Housing With Silk Printing

    SS304 Meter Housing With Silk Printing

      Material: stainless steel 304,316,201 Electric Meter Enclosures SS304 Meter Housing Custom,Meter Housing With Silk Printing,SS304 Meter Housing Processed

  •  Stainless Steel Control Transmitters Made

    Access Control Transmitters Made Of Stainless Steel Material

    Customized stainless steel Gates - Access Control - Keypads - Card Readers - Remote Entry - Transmitters - Complete layout and design - Gates are welded aluminum - Residential Swing Gates - Slide Gates - Telephone Access - Barrier Arms   Access control transmitters made of stainless steel material Access Control Transmitters Made,Stainless Steel  Control Transmitters,Stainless Steel Control Transmitters Made

  • Button Control Boxes Of Access Control Systems

    SS Button Control Boxes For Access Control Systems

    Material: stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316 Thickness: 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm Dimensions:300mm x 500mm x 250mm,custom Processing status: CNC punching, Laser  cutting, Bending, Welding, Polishing, Brushing etc. Button control boxes for access control systems SS Button Control Boxes,Button Control Boxes For Access Systems,SS Button Control Boxes Made  

  • Bolted Assembly Control Panel Boxes

    Bolted Assembly Type Cantilever Control Panel Boxes

      Control Panel Boxes Made,Bolted Control Panel Boxes ,Bolted Assembly Type Cantilever Control Panel Boxes.The cabinet surface treatment:Cabinet phosphating priming treatments, the outside of the cabinet for powder.At the end of the coating, color can be divided into RAL7032.

  • Sheet Metal Chassis Cabinets made

    Sheet Metal Chassis Cabinets Making Custom Made

    Sheet Metal Chassis Cabinets,Cabinets Making Custom Made,Metal Chassis Cabinets Making.Metal sheet metal cabinets, display cabinets, power distribution boxes custom

  • Processing Control Panel Electric Cabinets

    Processing Control Panel Cabinets With Back Mounted Plates

    Sheet metal material: cold rolled steel sheet Processing Control Panel Cabinets,Control Panel Cabinets With Mounted Plates, Control Panel Cabinets Made

  • Sheet Metal Power Panel Cabinets Manufactured

    Double Doors Power Panel Cabinets Manufactured

    Double Doors Power Panel Cabinets Manufactured U shaped bend 20mm wide and 3.0mm thick mounting plate on both sides of the edge, which makes the installation plate strength is greater, but also easy to handle.

  • Environmental SS 304 Recyclable Dustbins

    Environmental Protection SS 304 Recyclable Dustbins

    Product Name: stainless steel dustbin Specifications: (long) 850 * (W) 360* (high) 930mm Material: stainless steel Packing: 1 / piece Application: municipal, parks, residential, hotel, Plaza Recyclable SS304 Recyclable Dustbins ,Environmental Protection Recyclable Dustbins,SS 304 Environmental protection Recyclable Dustbins

  • Access Control Systems  Height Turnstiles

    Access Control Systems Half Height Turnstiles

    Access Control Systems Half Height Turnstiles 1: with 50 thick 1.5 circular railing 2 the center column; 80X80 thick 3 (with 75x25 tube) The 3 frame side; 2.5 thick plate punching Shape: 1750*1450*2350 clearance Case material: steel structure of the whole letter Steel structure barrier bar Steel gate The fence rod length: 600mm, a portal page by the fence 120 DEG and 90 DEG average composition The fence transmission: digital mode The fence steering: one-way, two-way (optional); Automatic reset function: after opening, not within the prescribed period of time did not pass the system will automatically lock, the passage of time is adjustable; By using the optical hole working principle, on the input control signal without delay requirements Direction of rotation: unidirectional or bidirectional

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