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  • Sheet Metal Electrical Enclosures Made

    Air Compressor Systems Control Cabinets Sheet Metal Manufactured

    Installation power wiring cable terminal boxes,Stainless Steel Switch Button Enclosures Custom.  Air Compressor Systems Control Cabinets Sheet Metal Manufactured

  • Wall Mounted SS Electric Control Boxes

    Wall Mounted SS Control Boxes With Rivets On The Door

    Wall Mounted SS Control Boxes,SS Control Boxes With Rivets,Wall Mounted Electric Control Boxes Telecom electrical systems enclosures

  • Wall Mounted Electrical Steel Enclosures

    Wall Mounted Window Type Electric Steel Enclosures

    Wall Mounted Electric Steel Enclosures,Window Type Steel Enclosures With Galvanized Plate,Wall Mounted Window Type Steel Enclosures

  • Sheet Metal Exell T6 Control Boxes

    Sheet Metal Exell T6 Explosion Proof Electric Control Boxes

     Indoor or outdoor electrical control boxes Explosion-proof Sheet Metal Control Boxes,Explosion Proof Electric Control Boxes,Metal Electric Control Boxes

  • Waterproof Stainless Steel Electronic Enclosures

    Waterproof Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

      Custom made waterproof cabinet   Enclosure 304 316 ss304 ss316   Sus304 sus316 ip65 control panel box  

  • IP65 Stainless Steel Control Enclosures

    IP65 Stainless Steel 304 Enclosures Made

    OEM ODM IP65 Stainless Steel 304 Enclosures . Customized Telecom electrical systems enclosures  

  • IP65 NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosures Custom

    IP65 NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosures And Boxes

    Features: * Material: stainless steel 304,316,201 * Thickness: 1.2mm,1.5mm,2.00mm * Dimension:300mm x 300mm x 150mm * Door: single door * Spare parts: back mounting plate, two locks, hinge * Surface treatment: Polishing, brushing * Installation: indoor floor * Function: electric control enclosure, NEMA type, RITTAL type * Certificate: CE,IP65 *Working environment: air port, building, hotel, shopping centre, housing estate, school,Factory, port, highway. IP65 NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosures,IP65 NEMA  Stainless Steel  Boxes,NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosures  

  • Wall Mounted SS316 Control Boxes

    Wall Mounted Water Proof SS Control Boxes

    Customized Wall Mounted SS Control Boxes,Water Proof SS Control Boxes,Wall Mounted Control Boxes Manufactured.  

  • Electric SS Enclosures With Cable Seal Gland

    Electric Enclosures With Explosion Protected Cable Seal Gland.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication Electric Stainless Steel Enclosures With Explosion Protected,Electric SS304 Enclosures With  Cable Seal Gland,Explosion Protected Stainless Steel 304 Enclosures

  • IP55 IP65 Flameproof Structure Vertical Cabinets

    IP55 IP65 Flameproof Structure Cabinets Vertical Installation

      Custom IP55 IP65 Flameproof Structure Cabinets,Stainless Steel IP65 Flameproof Structure Cabinets Vertical Installation,IP55 Flameproof Structure Cabinets Vertical Installation. Natural Gas Electrical Fired Boiler Systems

  • Flameproof Structure Sheet Metal Electrical Panel Cabinets

    Flameproof Structure Sheet Metal Electrical Cabinets Custom

    Technical parameters Explosion proof mark: ExedIIBT4/T5/T6, ExedIICT4/T5/T6, DIP A20 TA, T4/T5/T6; Rated voltage: AC220/380V, non standard voltage: 12V/24V/36V/127V/660V; Button number: A, signal lamp: D, switch: K, instrument: B, Protection grade: IP54/IP55/IP65; Thread specification: DN15-DN100/G1/2-G4 " The introduction of line specifications: diameter 6mm-80mm; pinout specifications: diameter 6mm-80mm; Introduce derivative direction: on the mobility, lower in and out (not restricted according to customer requirements) Sheet Metal Electrical Cabinets Custom,Flameproof Structure Sheet Metal Cabinets,Flameproof Structure Sheet Metal Electrical Cabinets

  • Sheet Metal Push Button SS316 Boxes

    Explosionproof Sheet Metal Push Button Boxes

    Sheet Metal Push Button Boxes Custom,SS316 Push Button Boxes Made,Explosionproof Sheet Metal Button Boxes Manufactured

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