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Salute to the lovely workers, happy May Day International Labor Day!

Salute to the lovely workers, happy May Day International Labor Day!

Dear everyone, You are lovely. No matter what position you are in, it is extraordinary. Each of you is extraordinary, a hero fighting for the company's sheet metal industry, and a source of pride for the company. No matter how busy, the quality of life is still necessary; No matter how tired you are, you still need to find some leisure time to satisfy your physical and mental needs. May Day is coming soon, let's cherish the good opportunity, relax our body and mind, and cheer for ourselves! Happy May Day! May Day holiday: May 1st, 2024 to May 5th, 2024 Zhangzhou Taichengda Metal Products Co., Ltd 29.04.2024

We have the advanced CNC processing equipment of high-power laser cutting machines, CNC punches, CNC bending machines, CNC shears, welding equipment, plasma cutting machines, tapping machines and so on and can offer comprehensive support services. Our processing scope includes:

1). Gouging
Processing object: iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, composite aluminum plate and other metal materials Processing range: plate thickness 1mm-6mm plate length 100mm-3000mm plate width 12mm-1200mm
2) .Laser cutting
Processing object: ordinary steel plate, stainless steel, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, organic plate, plywood
Processing thickness: ordinary steel plate 0.8mm—20mm, stainless steel 0.8mm—-12mm galvanized plate, electrolytic plate 1.0mm—12mm organic plate, wood plywood 1.0mm—20mm. The maximum size range of processed plate is 3000mm * 1500mm.
3) .Punching
Processing object: iron plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate
Processing thickness: iron plate 0.5mm—3.0mm stainless steel 0.5mm—2.0mm aluminum plate 0.5mm --- 6.0mm processing maximum plate size: 1270 mm * 2500mm
4). Round processing
Material: stainless steel, iron Processing thickness: stainless steel 0.5mm -5mm iron 0.5mm-10mm The diameter of the circle is 180mm or more
5) .Welding processing
Tig welding, electric welding, laser welding, butt welding
6). Paint processing
Processing range: maximum size, 2000mm high and 1500mm wide
7) .Shear folding
Bending thickness: 0.5mm—5.0mm Length: 10mm --- 3000mm

Shear plate thickness: 0.3mm --- 6.0mm length: 15mm --- 3500mm

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